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Jeff Tryon brings over thirty years of expertise in training horses and riders for excellence in the show ring.  He honed his craft by learning nearly all disciplines, working western horses, Arabs, Morgans, Quarter Horses, and English riding horses of all types.  His passion is the American Saddlebred.  He has worked for world championship trainers such as Sonny Sutton, Dick Obenauf, Dena Tanner Lopez and others  

Jeff has started, worked and trained world championship saddlebreds including Anacacho Blues, Top Spool, and others.  He has a particular skill with young horses and colts, bringing them along with patience and a firm but gentle hand.  He started many of Callaway Hills' top champions.

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​Liberty Farm Equestrian Center joined the mentor program for the Liberty High School Alternative School.  We took part in the UnSchool Challenge hosting many students for the semester.  Some of them learned woodworking and building skills; others prepared blogs and web pages; some learned basic horse care and others worked on marketing materials.  The team, as part of their serving to learn project, painted and built saddle racks for a new tack room.  We enjoyed hosting these students and look forward to next semester! 

2015 HILLVIEW ROAD, LIBERTY, MO. 64068​ (816) 415-4878



 You Can Be a Model: High Fashion Horse Photography with Jeff Nicholson                                                        JUNE 16

Horse Lovers MeetUp                                                                                                                                                   JUNE 21

 Family Friendly Horse Lovers MeetUp at Longview Horse Show                                                                           JUNE 23

 Kid's Mini Camp                                                                                                                                                            JUNE 30-JULY 1

 Adult Riding Camp                                                                                                                                                       TBA (OCTOBER)

Women's Pajama Party                                                                                                                                                 TBA

Valentine's Day Romantic Date Night                                                                                                                          FEBRUARY 14, 2019


uLFEC stands for FUN!  We host monthly MeetUps for adults and families.  We rode horses, played water balloon baseball, had a scavenger hunt, and played all manner of old fashioned games.  We held our second annual Fall Family Fun Fest, with about 35 people from the community taking part!  Bobbing for Apples is always the highlight.  We hosted a Meet and Greet for Nicole Galloway, Missouri State Auditor.  Even though a huge storm blew through knocking out power for miles around, thanks to Ben Carrick and Meeting Excellence, Inc., we continued our fun by lantern light.  We all enjoyed Ms. Galloway very much.  The Groove Pilots played at the Meet & Greet and again at our Second Annual After the Holidays Party.  It was much warmer this year.  Last year, it was 7 degrees at the bean supper and party.  This year, it was 10 degrees!  We held two Adult Riding Camps where Beth taught us exercises to get in shape, we rode, drove, ate -- and afterwards had massages, pizza and some brought wine.  Weatherby Lake community hosted a chili supper at the farm.  We hope they will come again!

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$400 per month (plus fan charge in the summer) f

daily stall cleaning, water, feed, hay, shavings.  Light exercise available for additional fee.  Call us today!